Printable Assessment Overview

This printable, shareable assessment tool, developed by Mary McClatchey at WorkSmart Partners, can help you identify areas of growth in advancing workplace mental wellness.

Interactive Assessment Tool

Our interactive assessment quiz will help you narrow in on what areas of mental health equality should be your first priority. Please note that this assessment works best for organizations with at least 25 employees.

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Do you address possible physical or mental health problems when faced with a performance issue in an employee?
How often do you talk to your employees about managing stress and/or avoiding burnout?
Do you use person-first language?
Do your employees have access to free, confidential counseling through your organization, an EAP provider, or their insurance?
Do you offer any mental-health specific elements in your workplace wellness program?
Are mental health self-screening tools accessible to your employees?
Have you ever surveyed your employees to see how much they know about mental health, what their attitudes are about mental health conditions and treatment, and/or how comfortable they feel talking about mental health in the workplace?
Do your employees have access to any peer support groups for their wellness efforts?
Do you ever talk about your experience with mental health or substance use problems at work?
How much do you prioritize mental health coverage when choosing a health insurance plan?
How do you feel about employees taking sick days due to stress, depression, anxiety, or other mental health problems?
If an employee comes to you to talk about how their mental health is impacting their performance or to discuss accommodations for their mental health condition, how comfortable do you feel with that conversation?
Does your workplace have a "24/7 Culture?"
How often do you talk to your employees about what mental health benefits they receive through the organization, an EAP provider, or insurance plan and how to access them?
Do you have an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

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External Assessment Resources

Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment: A free self-assessment intended for managers that helps you discover your strengths and weaknesses in managing employees in distress.

For help in conducting a more in-depth needs assessment, take a look at Mind for Mental Health's (UK) guide.