Wellness Recovery Action Plan® (WRAP®)

Wellness Recovery Action Plan®, or WRAP®, is a personalized wellness and recovery system that is rooted in the principle of self-determination. That means that it's about what individuals can do for themselves and how they can build and maintain support from others.

During a WRAP® workshop, you'll learn key recovery concepts that will guide you through the planning process. You'll create action plans to help you manage difficult situations in your daily life, including plans for getting support from others. You'll figure out how you know when you're well and when you're starting to become unwell so you can jump into action early to avoid crisis. But even if you do get to crisis, you'll have a plan for that too. You'll have already decided where you'll go, what treatment you'll pursue, and who in your support network will be with you. By the end, you'll find that having this plan can help you decrease distress, increase your sense of personal empowerment, and improve the quality of your life and your ability to reach your goals.

How to Use WRAP®

WRAP® is an evidence-based practice, meaning that its effectiveness has been scientifically proven. People across the globe use the program to improve their physical, mental, spiritual, social, and every other facet of wellness. The applicability of WRAP® is limitless! That's because it focuses on choice and individuality, not on prescribed treatment for each diagnosis.

Some of the life challenges that a Wellness Recovery Action Plan® (WRAP®) can help you with are:

  • Mental health conditions
  • Substance misuse and addiction
  • Trauma
  • Relationships
  • Job stress
  • Completing your education
  • Unemployment
  • Social isolation
  • Coping with short- and long-term physical health conditions
  • Medication side effects
  • Interacting with health care providers
  • Managing cancer treatment
  • Coping with major life changes like marriage, having a baby, parenting, divorce/separation, moving, job changes, or retirement

For more information about the Wellness Recovery Action Plan, visit copelandcenter.com or www.mentalhealthrecovery.com/wrap

For Wellness Recovery Action Plan books (WRAP for Trauma, WRAP for Veterans and People in the Military, WRAP for Life, WRAP for People with Developmental Distinctions, WRAP for Kids, WRAP for Youth) go to www.wrapandrecoverybooks.com/store

WRAP® Workshops We Offer

WRAP® Overview (1 hr)

This is a presentation that outlines the 4 Elements of Wellness and Recovery with WRAP®. It's appropriate as an introduction to using WRAP® or implementing a program.

There are no overview classes scheduled at this time. If you, or your organization, have an interest in attending or sponsoring any WRAP® classes, please contact [email protected]

Seminar One Workshop (offered in various formats including 2 hours a week for 7 weeks, or 2 full days)

This workshop is facilitated by trained individuals who are using WRAP® in their own lives. The curriculum is delivered as mutual learning model covering all 4 elements of WRAP®. The emphasis is on self discovery and creating a plan that can be used in one’s life.

Please check the calendar to see if there are any upcoming Seminar One Workshops. If you, or your organization, have an interest in attending or sponsoring any WRAP® classes beyond what is currently available, please contact [email protected]

Seminar Two WRAP® Facilitator Training (5 days)

Individuals who have completed a Seminar One Workshop, and are regularly using WRAP®, qualify to be trained to offer Seminar One Workshops. Trainees are taught to maintain fidelity to the model, so there is an emphasis on the the Values & Ethics of WRAP® as an evidenced-based practice. This training is co-facilitated by Copeland Center Certified Advanced Level WRAP® Facilitators.

Please check the calendar to see if there are any upcoming Seminar One Workshops. If you, or your organization, have an interest in attending or sponsoring any WRAP® classes beyond what is currently available, please contact   [email protected]

Testimonials from our WRAP Graduates

caret-down caret-up caret-left caret-right

Jennifer and Joann, your personal stories you have shared brought clarity to the material and made it easier to apply to myself. Your openness to sharing your stories helped me connect to you and helped me share part of my story in a safe, confidential, and fun environment. I admire and appreciate you both!

Rebekah Mazarella

This WRAP training has reinforced for me the idea that we are all students and all teachers. We can always learn from one another and teach one another new ideas. For when we speak, we create. When we love, we relate.

Eric M. Gronemeyer

The facilitator training not only strengthened my own WRAP, it also gave me skills that will help me be an engaging facilitator. These skills and the deeper understanding and investment in WRAP will allow me to continue my recovery in a way that will empower me and the people I will be facilitating for.

Aubrey Boggs

I learned a lot and am very eager to share WRAP with others!

Josh Helton

If you are looking for hope, and if you want to study and teach the tools that help you stay rooted within your own wellness, then this is the class for you. It is well organized, researched, and executed in a way that gives you a complete understanding of the WRAP curriculum, and it supports your ability to be successful as a facilitator. Yes, you can do this!

Tracy Brennan

It can be difficult to know the best way to use the WRAP material when facilitating a group, but Joann and Jennifer were excellent guides, breaking it down, using examples, and helping us develop our own approach at facilitating that would allow us to highlight key aspects of the curriculum.

Anthony Landrum