Our Mission:

Through education and advocacy, the Colorado Mental Wellness Network seeks to provide opportunities for individuals to improve the quality of their lives, give back to the community through meaningful roles, and to change the perceptions of behavioral health.

Peer Support

We are the only peer-operated mental health organization that offers Peer Support Professional training! Our 80-hour curriculum, developed with the support of the International Association of Peer Supporters, meets all Colorado Core Competencies.  We also are an approved training if you plan to take the  IC&RC Certification Exam through the  Colorado Providers Association.   

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Wellness Recovery Action Plan

We support individuals on their journey to mental wellness by providing the evidence-based Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP®) workshop. During a WRAP® workshop, you will create a comprehensive plan to keep yourself well. Alongside this plan, you'll also create a series of action plans for times of distress that are unique to you and your circumstances.

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Advocacy and Leadership

To change the conversation about mental illness and substance use disorders, we first need to speak up. Whether at the policy-making table, in legislative sessions, at doctor's appointments, to your friends and family, or in the media, we need your voice to represent the peer movement.

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