We are looking for applicants who are passionate in providing support to others in their recovery and whose main career goal is to become a Peer Support Professional. They must be someone with lived experience with mental health conditions, substance use conditions, and/or trauma. They must also have had enough recovery/wellness time that they feel they are prepared to focus on assisting others. Please refer to our application requirements online to make sure you meet the additional requirements listed. Applicants must also be able to attend all sessions of the training and must have basic computer skills to complete assignments outside of class.

No. Acceptance to our training has become competitive due to a limited number of slots available and increased interest. We will carefully look at applications and references in order to select those who seem like the best fit. If accepted you will be notified around 4 weeks after the application deadline.

If we are unable to accommodate you in the session you applied for, you may be put on a waitlist for that training or you can be considered for another training in the future. We will be sure to contact you to discuss what option would work best for you.

If your application was submitted less than a year ago, you do not need to reapply. You can simply email our Recovery Program Coordinator to let us know you’d like to be considered for a particular training.

If your application was submitted more than a year ago, you will need to reapply. You can access our application at the bottom of our Apply Page.

No, we do not accept any applications after the cut-off date for that specific training. If you miss the cut-off for one training, you are welcome to apply for the next available training.

We are looking for someone who can attest to your interactions with others as well as your professional conduct. Reference writers should be able to speak to traits like empathy, responsibility, interpersonal skills, communication skills, etc. If a previous employer, coworker, volunteer supervisor, or other individual in your life (other than a service provider or family member) can speak to those abilities, then they could serve as your reference.

We will be reaching out to everyone who has applied around 2 – 3 weeks after the application deadline. If you haven’t received an email from us (and there isn’t an email in your spam folder) please reach out to our Recovery Program Coordinator.