What is recovery?

Recovery from a mental health condition usually doesn’t mean getting rid of the mental health condition, at least not forever. It also doesn’t mean the same thing as treatment. Treatment is therapy or medication, but recovery is the process of using therapy, medication, and other tools to achieve and maintain wellness. We provide evidence-based recovery education to people who want to improve their wellness when treatment alone isn’t enough. We also train people to enter the peer support workforce or become advocates so that they can continue spreading the message of recovery to others.

Check out our recovery education programs below!

Peer Support Specialist Certification

Training to become a Peer Support Specialist or Peer Support Coach means transforming your lived experience into valuable tools to help others reach recovery. And who better to learn peer support work than from peers themselves? We are the only peer-based organization that offers certification.

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Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP®)

WRAP® is an evidence-based wellness and recovery system rooted in the principle of self-determination. During this workshop, you will learn how to construct a unique plan for achieving and maintaining wellness through life’s challenges.

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Peer Pathways to Wellness

Peer Pathways to Wellness is designed to bring our community a range of services and support. We serve anyone who is facing life challenges such as being unhoused, substance use conditions, trauma, mental health conditions, and more.






Mindfulness Practice Workshops

Mindfulness is the art of being present. We invite you to experience how mindfulness practice can benefit your body and mind in our workshops.

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Advocacy & Leadership

We train leaders and advocates from our community to carry forward the message of recovery across the state. You can be next! Learn to stand up for the peer movement while sharing your story and make a difference in the lives of thousands.

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Need Peer Support?

Looking for support? Our Peer Support Specialists want to provide you with peer support by phone. Call 720.842.9222 x 205 | Mon – Thur 9am – noon