Our Mission

We are a state-wide, grassroots, 100% peer-run organization that seeks to provide opportunities for individuals to improve the quality of their lives, give back to their communities, and change public perceptions of behavioral health. We do this by providing whole-person wellness education to those who are building a lifestyle of recovery. In order to spread this message further, we also advocate for person-centered care in traditional and non-traditional healthcare settings.

We help those who are living in recovery and wish to give back to their communities by training them to become Peer Support Professionals and Peer Support Supervisors. In fact, we were the first ever peer-run behavioral health organization to provide Peer Support Professional training courses.

Finally, we serve as a voice for individuals with behavioral health conditions and offer hope that recovery is possible for everyone. We advocate for healthcare policy that benefits peers above all others and call attention to legislation that is oppressive, discriminatory, or lacking in evidence. We also openly share our stories of lived experience and recovery to break the silence and defeat stereotypes. Most importantly, we train others to join us in this mission through advocacy workshops.

Put simply, we want to create a wholly well Colorado, one unique person at a time.

Our Vision

We envision a Colorado wherein all people, regardless of who they love, where they live, how much they earn, what language they speak, or how they worship, thrive in communities that support behavioral health and wellness without stigma or shame. 

We envision a Colorado wherein people living with behavioral health conditions and living in recovery have access to more affordable, more compassionate care, and have a voice in creating person-first behavioral health policy that puts their interests above all else. 

Finally, we envision a thriving Peer Support Professional workforce that is better trained, better understood, better supported, and fully integrated as a critical part of Colorado’s broader behavioral healthcare system.

We strengthen our community's behavioral health fabric by providing transformational training, building community through collaboration and partnerships, and elevating the voices and perspectives of community members living with mental health, trauma, substance use and/or co-occurring conditions.

Our Staff

Our Board

Warren Brown

Board Chair

Alex Salazar

Ashley Lane Boyle

Heather Bruce

Jeff Shepro

Michal Lord-Blegen

Scott Spielman

Employment and Internships

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