Welcome, dear readers to Wellness Tool Wednesday!  I want to start this first offering of our newly introduced topic by asking, how are you today?  Go ahead, I’ll wait.  Take your time if you need some.  It seems simple, right?  Just a casual little query, an almost passing notion of social responsibility.  But how often do we take a moment to really think about the answer?  Moreover, how often do we ever take the time to do anything about it?

I get it.  Life gets busy.  We find it hard to invest time in self-reflection today when tomorrow requires so much attention.  Over the coming months, we plan to address this issue by sharing some of our favorite wellness techniques with you.  We hope to show how little time and energy it can take to monitor, adjust, and respond to our own wellness needs from day to day.  And the first is one I’m betting you already know a thing or two about.

Affirmations as a path to wellness

Affirmations are astounding.  They carry the power of hope and the reminder of ability.  When we affirm ourselves, we shape reality.  Call it confidence, call it moxie.  The simple truth is that belief drives the attempt.  No matter whether sky-diving or engineering, we don’t even try when we believe something is impossible.  So the answer is to give ourselves that optimistic knowledge ahead of time, to hold a space for possibility.  The challenge is to hold this space when the world is closing in on us.

Affirmations I use to help me feel well

I am alive.  I can learn.  I know more today than I did yesterday.  These affirmations hold me up when I feel unsure about myself.

I am strong.  I care.  I know what to do.  These affirmations turn me back towards the challenge when I feel scared about the world.

I am loved.  I am important.  I am worthy.  These affirmations help me to accept the grace and charity of others when I feel insufficient.

Start today, because you can

By telling ourselves, we hear ourselves.  When we hear ourselves, we begin to believe.  And when we believe, we try.  Start today by identifying an ability and affirming it within your own life.  It could be monumental, it could be trivial.  As long as it is strength-based and ability-focused, you can pass along the belief from idea to reality.  You can shape the world by talking it into existence.

You can.

Wellness Tool Wednesday: The positive power of affirmations