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At Colorado Mental Wellness Network, we work hard every day to realize our vision of a Colorado in which all people- regardless of who they love, how much money they earn, where in the state they happen to live, what they look like, what language they speak, or how they choose to worship- can thrive in communities where:

1- Mental-Health related stigma is reduced or eliminated.

2- There is a thriving Peer Support Professional workforce that is better trained, better understood, better supported, better utilized, and fully integrated as a critical part of Colorado’s broader mental health care system.

3- All people living with mental health conditions and living in recovery have access to compassionate and high-quality care, and an active voice in creating person-first mental health policy that puts the interest of people above all else.

Without people like you that work would not be possible, and we are forever grateful for your support.


Hope Hyatt
Executive Director
Colorado Mental Wellness Network

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