by Kate Fitch

There’s a lot going on right now! If you’re in school, you’ve got finals or are waiting for final grades to come out. Financial end of year is right around the corner, and of course, the holidays. Here are a few affirmations to hopefully lift your spirits and keep you in a positive state of mind!

Thoughts Become Things

  • My goal is/was to do my very best, and that is what I am doing/have done.
  • I am valuable beyond my results/grades.
  • I am strong enough to make it through.
  • I am capable of managing feelings of disappointment.
  • I will have a joyful holiday.
  • I am looking for the positives in every aspect of my life.
  • I am satisfied with myself no matter what.
  • I feel peaceful.
Affirmations for This Time of Year

Kate Fitch

I've been with the Network since 2015, when I started as a volunteer. I've been on staff as the Communications Specialist since January 2017. I'm currently in college and pursuing a dual BA in Public Health and Public Administration. I'm most passionate about making sure that people with mental health conditions are fairly represented in the media, at policy tables, and in treatment system planning. In my spare time, I like to crochet, knit, and be the best cat mom ever.

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