Let me introduce you to one of the funniest, sincere and extraordinarily talented men I know, Doug Vincent. Doug and his wife Jessica operate Boulder Story Healers from their home in Longmont, Colorado.

                                                                      Doug Vincent

Doug has developed a solo show called A Day for Grace. A deeply moving and powerful show in which Doug shares painful and tragic memories from his childhood artfully, all the while intertwining humor and wit that keeps you laughing through tears. Sam Llanas, a musician formerly of the BoDeans, was compelled by Doug’s story and now accompanies him with guitar and song. Together the two have performed in Chicago, New York, Milwaukee and Denver/Boulder to critical acclaim.

This fall you will have the opportunity to see Doug’s show locally and support both organizations! Stay tuned for more information!



Sam Llanas, formerly of BoDeans, and Doug Vincent spread Suicide Awareness through their on stage performance of “A Day for Grace”. A touching piece that delicately deals with the realities of life before and after the suicide of a loved one. www.ADayForGraceShow.com http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/send-sammy-to-broadway

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Amanda Kearney-Smith, Executive Director

Boulder Story Healers