Community Resource Specialists at Denver Public Library

Denver Public Library has been employing social workers as Community Resource Specialists since 2015 to help people in the community connect to services. People experiencing homelessness, in particular, have been helped enormously by having experts available in a safe, familiar place. While the program has been great, there’s one problem. Sometimes, social workers aren’t the kinds of people we want to talk to. Sometimes we need the help of people who have been there, and that’s where the Colorado Mental Wellness Network comes in.

Peer Navigators

Thanks to a recent grant, we’ve been able to place Peer Navigators in Denver Public Library to work alongside these Community Resource Specialists. Unlike the social workers, these are people who have experienced homelessness themselves. They’re there to provide the mutual support, understanding, and guidance that only someone with lived experience can provide. They can inspire hope that recovery is possible while also directing people to resources to make it happen. In short, they’re peers. Not clinicians, but everyday people who understand.

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Denver Public Library’s Newest Addition: Peer Navigators from the Network

Kate Fitch

I've been with the Network since 2015, when I started as a volunteer. I've been on staff as the Communications Specialist since January 2017. I'm currently in college and pursuing a dual BA in Public Health and Public Administration. I'm most passionate about making sure that people with mental health conditions are fairly represented in the media, at policy tables, and in treatment system planning. In my spare time, I like to crochet, knit, and be the best cat mom ever.

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