By Natasha Amiri, CMWN Intern

At one point we start to understand that we can no longer rely on outside influences or people to enhance our life, but must enrich it ourselves. Positive psychologists find those whom are genuinely satisfied and fulfilled in their life engage daily in flow experiences; a harmonious state of being where mind and body are both working effortlessly and simultaneously, completely absorbed in the experience and free from distracting thoughts or time (Jackson & Csikszentmihalyi, 1999).

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It can be moments laughing with your children, being absorbed in a great conversation, hiking a new trail, etc… Though finding beauty and awe in the everyday splendors of the world doesn’t come easy, it’s almost necessary for our well-being, no matter what dilemma or situation we find ourselves currently trucking through. I know what you’re thinking: “The art of being content and satisfied is no easy task sometimes lady, let’s get real”. I get it. But despite the constant commitments and daily stressors we’re bombarded with, remember we are extremely resilient and competent beings who have the ability to make profound changes with a single intention in the mind. So choose it! Cut yourself some slack, and go enjoy your life : )

Some kickstarter ways to get going on your daily dose of well-being:

1.) What was your favorite leisure activity as a kid growing up? When’s the last time you did it?!

2.) Take one solid hour to yourself doing only what excites and energizes your soul– even if it’s trying that new restaurant down the street…

3.) Be engaged and fully present in the conversations you have; with the clerk at King Soopers, your co-worker who needs an ear (or a hug…), your drive home with your children, etc…

4.) Join a hiking group, kickball team, or a jazz club! Anything that will switch up your afternoons and give you something to look forward to.

5.) Set a day on the weekend strictly for flow ( like “Flow Sunday”) and set aside the work pile….

Using the Concept of Flow to Positively Kickstart Your Life
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