MHCD and the 2Succeed program saved my life. in May of 2013 I was destitute, depressed, jobless and living in my car. After a period of hospitalization I was accepted as a student in the culinary program at 2Succeed and graduated with a ServSafe certification. During this time I was active in individual and group therapy and able to find housing in MHCD group homes. Currently my active participation in my own recovery and well being has been enhanced with my responsibilities as a peer mentor and more recently as a peer specialist at the MHCD Walk-In Crisis Center. My objective is to meet consumers with a message of hope and be “in-solution” for their needs.

I have committed myself to a “Victory of Surrender” path for my life’s journey. I can look back at how things were 21 months ago and know I was in utter powerlessness. My liberation from those times were built on the bedrock of friends, colleagues, and professionals who I have met through the network of MHCD facilities and programs. I could not have persevered without their support. I especially want to thank my daughter Kristin, my sister Barbara, and my trusted friend Lloyd for standing by me through these trying times.

I now live independently and I continue to walk in gratitude to all those graces that have been afforded me. My pan daily is to try to make a positive contribution in at least one person’s life. After all, their success is mine as well.