If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

– John Quincy Adams

This year’s annual Colorado leadership academy (CLA) in Woodland Park, Colorado, featured 14 of the most inspirational people I have ever met. The growth that took place that week was powerful – not just for our participants, but for the instructors and myself.

Our instructors this year were all CLA graduates: Linda Runyon , Brian Bernard, Kellee O’Brien and Jennifer Hill. Special guest instructors included; Our esteemed board member Shawna Margesson, Bethe Feltman (past graduate & planning team member), Anne Lowe (past graduate & planning team member), former Senator Moe Keller, former Senator Don Mares, Michael Lott-Manier (Mental Health America of Colorado), Doug Vincent (Boulder StoryHealers), Hazel Bond (Foothills Behavioral Health Partners [FBHP] & CLA Founder), and Melissa Petrovic (FBHP, CLA graduate).
The list is quite impressive, but more so were the people who came – shared a piece of themselves so selflessly – learned from their peers – and inspired all of us. Personally I was most impacted by hearing the tragic accounts of abuse, violence, discrimination and unfortunate circumstance. Instead of hanging on to the anger and shame these amazing people have embraced their strengths, found the ability to forgive, and are now devoting their lives to helping others. We are honored and humbled to know all of you.

Congratulations and Thank You to Our 2014 Graduating Class!

Mikel Atwood, Lori Bohn, Camyrae Clark, Jennifer Cressy, Jody Gamel, Frank Garcia, Karissa Hicks, Joseph Horan, Jim Horvat, Ursula Jarvis, Sabina Kosofsky, Aimee Potter, Susie Scott, and last but not least, Allie Wren

Praise for CLA!

CLA = A Place Where its Alright to “Be Human”
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