Today is the last day of “National Volunteer Week” and we have many, many volunteers to thank here at The Network!

Why did I wait until the last day of “volunteer week” to thank our volunteers? Well because Jennifer and I tend to do the work of 5 people and are always struggling to stay on top of things! Hopefully we do a sufficient job of appearing to be “put together” and organized the only reason for that is because we have so many generous and talented volunteers!  Without them we would not have a quarterly e-newsletter, or social media posts, the piles of paperwork on my desk would never get smaller, we would not have a beautiful new website (special shout out to Renee Ryan, Keaton Leikem and Bill Palmer for making that happen!), and many of our trainings are facilitated by volunteers – so basically we wouldn’t exist without them!

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The work of a nonprofit is carried out by a team of people and we are so lucky to have such an amazing;

  • Board of directors to guide us
  • Marketing team to keep us relevant and
  • Development committee to help fundraise and put on events
  • Advocacy team to help us spread our message
  • Administrative support so the piles paperwork don’t overflow and Amanda doesn’t quit!
  • Group of instructors to help us offer WRAP training, Peer Coach training and Leadership Academy (which requires a small army of helpers!)

We can’t thank you (see our volunteer roster by clicking below) enough for your dedicated contributions to keep The Network moving forward! The Network is a community and one we are so honored to be a part of! THANK YOU!

Click Here for a List of Our 2014-2015 Volunteers

Be Well! Jennifer & Amanda

National Volunteer Week! Thank You!