Be Well: As promoter of person-centered whole healthcare, we believe the mind is a critical component of overall health and wellness. Having a wellness plan and being mindful of one’s mental health is a proven way to stay healthy. The Network offers workshops to help people find the best tools to achieve their goals and ultimately their full potential.

Have Hope: As individuals who live with mental health conditions our staff and instructors are living proof that there is such a thing as “recovery”.  We foster a network of peers in Colorado who provide one another support and hope for a brighter future.

Pass it On: One primary goal of the organization is to change community perceptions of mental illness. We achieve this through sharing our stories and advocating for changes to Colorado’s healthcare system. Out stories of hope and recovery inspire others, so pass it on!

P.S. !! Don’t forget to attend our ” Rockin’ to Beat the Blues” event on April 9th from 6:00 P.M to 9:30 P.M at the Mile High Station featuring local Denver band Ignatius Reilly. You can purchase tickets at the door or at


Our Mission: Be Well. Have Hope. Pass it On.