Thank you for making 2014 a huge success for The Network!

We are grateful for our supporters both individual and organizations throughout Colorado. Thanks to your generous donations we earned over $9,250 during our end-of-year campaign! Every dollar counts, no matter the size of the donation, we are truly grateful for the kindness and dedication of all our contributors.

A special thanks to those individuals who provided The Network with their valuable time! Our 2014 board of directors: Robert Bruce, Jean Davis, Hope Hyatt, Courtney Puckett, Brian Bostron, Debbie Stinson, & Shawna Margesson. Our 2014 development committee: Nancy Alterman, Mary Catherine Moss, Sara Struckman, Hope Hyatt, Jean Davis & Brian Bostron. Our 2014 Marketing Team: Bill Palmer, Renee Ryan, & Keaton Leikam. Our office volunteers: Cindy Raley and Karly Lawson. Our instructors: Deborah Amesbury, Joann Calabrese, Laurie Woodman, Brian Earnest, Tony Rupe, Terri Veliz, Renee Ryan, Cody Grose, & Alberta Lopez.

Lastly, we are thankful for the support of The Colorado Trust! Despite our small size and relative “newness” The Trust has been a major supporter of our work these last two years. We couldn’t have done it without this support, thank you!

Here’s to a successful 2015!

Thank You for an Amazing 2014!